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Olive Oil isn't just for cooking . . .

Cleopatra was a huge fan of Olive
Oil's properties to keep her skin
looking sensational.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas Post

Australia & New Zealand

NT, QLD, SA, NSW, VIC, ACT - 12th December; before 10am WAST
WA – 13th December; before 10am WAST
Perth Metro and surrounding suburbs WA - Monday 18th December; before 10am WAST (please note if you are classed as Country WA use the general WA date or it may not arrive on time)

New Zealand - 12th December; before 10am WAST


UK/USA/Canada – 6th December; before 10am WAST

Main European Cities – 6th December; before 10am WAST

Rest of world – 30th November; before 10am WAST

In Person – Kalgoorlie/Boulder

If you live in Kalgoorlie Boulder you can purchase Razorector from the Outback Barbers Shop on Burt Street in Boulder or Miss Glamourpuss, 74-76 Boulder Rd, Kalgoorlie – check with them for their final Christmas Closing times.

We offer FREE LOCAL NEXT DAY DELIVERY to Kalgoorlie and Boulder addresses through the website or you can message us through our FB page or contact form as we are happy to deliver to local residents.

How long will my razor blade last?

This will depend on a number of factors such as the type or model of Razor that you are using, your skin/hair type and how often you shave. It really all comes down to you the consumer. Our tests ranged from 3 months to 24 months and the effect on the more expensive range is that the various hydration pads and strips deteriorate whilst the blades remain intact. We do not recommend any particular Razor Blade, only that you use what you are comfortable with and what you can afford. No matter which blade you use, Razorector will extend the life of it.

Do I need to use Razorector Olive Oil?

No, you can use your regular Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you buy in the supermarket. Please ensure that the oil is as thin as can be as this will ensure your razor lasts the longest amount of time possible.

Will the olive oil affect my skin?

Yes it will, but in a good way as olive oil has been used for centuries in many skin care products. Cleopatra the Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt used olive oil for skin care in her many beauty rituals, earning her goddess status over 2000 years ago. You will find that over time your skin becomes softer.

More about the benefits of Olive Oil...

How often do I need to change the olive oil?

We recommend that you change the olive oil every 3 months, however it really depends on the environment where you live and how often you shave. To clean your Razorector simply fill the sink with warm soapy water, rinse, dry thoroughly and refill the sump with 15ml to 20 ml of olive oil. You will find that the olive oil does evaporate over time and may need to be topped up.

Caution!! Remember introducing oils into wet areas may cause or create slip hazards.

Where can I store my Razorector?

Razorector can be stored on any flat surface. This can be at the side of the bath, a window ledge, or on a sink if you have enough space. Razorector can also be stored on a shelf perhaps under the sink or in a draw if you require it to be kept away from little hands. You could even store it on your dressing table or chest of draws in the bedroom; just remember to take the razor with you when you bathe or shower. When finished, rinse as normal and put back on Razorector. We do not recommend your Razorector be stored in the shower as water will get in to the oil and it may affect the life of the razor blade.

Returns Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it to us in its original box within 90 days as we feel it will take this long for you to see the true benefits of Razorector®.

We will pay for the return postage if we are at fault, i.e. we sent you the wrong item or if your purchase is damaged, faulty or defected. You may return it at your own expense if you feel you are not benefitting from our product for full refund of the purchase price only, excluding shipping costs.

Please contact us and include photos if possible as this will enable us to process your request much quicker. Once we have received your email outlining your reasons for a refund we will contact you on how to proceed and will include the returns label when applicable.

Your refund can take up to 30 days (5 to 20 days for us to receive the return, 48 hours to process and 3 to 5 days for the funds to land in your account).


Australia: $6.95
Rest of world: $16.95

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Australia please allow 5 to 8 Business days for your items to arrive.

Rest of World please allow 12 to 30 Business Days for your items to arrive.

If after 30 days of purchase you have not received your items please contact us immediately. Only postage for Australia includes tracking at this stage. If you would like your purchase to be tracked please email us as this is more expensive and we find that most people do not want to pay the extra costs.

We will endeavour to process all orders placed before 12pm (WAST) West Australian Standard Time on the same day. When circumstances are beyond our control i.e. a public holiday or on a Sunday we will post as soon as possible. Please note we have allowed extra time for posting due to us being located in Country WA.

All prices are in Australian Dollars; please click here for current exchange rates for relative comparison in your own currency.