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Olive Oil isn't just for cooking . . .

Cleopatra was a huge fan of Olive
Oil's properties to keep her skin
looking sensational.


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Benefits of Olive Oil

Did you know?

Olive Oil isn’t just for cooking... Cleopatra was a huge fan of Olive Oil’s properties to keep her skin looking sensational. Check out our list below:

Men and women have already discovered the substitution of olive oil for shaving cream. Many men have abandoned shaving cream once they discovered how close a shave they can get with olive oil. Whilst women alike have also found it a great skin softener for those awkward underarm areas.

Mix 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil with a small handful of natural sea salt and rub the mixture over your skin. The mild abrasive qualities of the sea salt, combined with the Olive Oil, will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking radiant.

Rub Olive Oil into your cuticles to keep them soft and into your hands too.

Remove make-up with a drop or two of Olive Oil on a cotton pad/ball.

Rub Olive Oil in to heals and the balls of your feet to stop the skin from cracking.

Olive Oil is often at times well-regarded in many religious texts as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and good health.

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