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Olive Oil isn't just for cooking . . .

Cleopatra was a huge fan of Olive
Oil's properties to keep her skin
looking sensational.


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About Us


Every invention starts with that light bulb moment, what if we . . . . . .

We are Paul & Rosey the founders and owners of Razorector® an Australian, family owned & operated small business and we love giving our plant a giant-sized hug. We are hoping you will join us on our journey and rethink shaving.

Our invention arose from the need of two things:

  1. To stop wasting money on over priced products that we are not getting enough use out of; $400 savings per year
  2. To reduce land fill; razor blades may only be a small proportion of products that go into land fill but the numbers are staggering – for more details see 'Saving the Planet One Shave at a Time®'

"This item is brilliant I opted to purchase the his and her set makes shaving a pleasure every time while saving my wife also loves the product no more stubble on them legs double whammy + excellent fast delivery." - Jonathan
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When we discovered that olive oil stops the calcification process, we knew we were on to something, we just needed to figure out how to keep our razor horizontal, so that the olive oil is evenly distributed across all blades no matter which razor you use: 2, 3, 4 or 5 blades, the same process would work on them all, even Grandad's old skool double sided razor.

That was back in 2015, when Paul sat down and drew by hand our very first design, carved our first prototype out of wood and then we filed our very first patent application.

It was super exciting; we were officially inventors and entrepreneurs.

In our first year of making prototypes to use on our own shaving habits we saved our selves $400!!

Paul went from 1 blade a week (52 blades a year = $300) to just using 2 blades a year. Paul now spends as little as $6.65 a year when his razor is on special which comes with 2 blades.


Rosey went from 10 blades a year ($100) to just 1: $6.80 when on special and it comes with 2 blades so will last for 2 years.

We then set about looking for a manufacture here in Australia and suddenly it was all becoming very much a reality.

In this time, we tested 5 well known brands of razor blades that can be purchased from the supermarket or local shops and put them through some serious testing. Some blades lasted longer than others, but every single blade outperformed the recommended number of shaves using Razorector.

We averaged 6 months per blade, and several lasted well over 12 months with one lasting 20 months.

We tested every plant base oil and decided a good quality olive oil did the best job.

"I have been using it for about 5 months now and still using the same razor. I only use the razor once a week but would have replaced it usually on average once a month so I have already saved $'s. Very happy with it." - Michelle
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We were ready to take on the shaving giants who have been taking our money for years.

Have you ever sat down with a glass of wine or a cold beer and worked out how much you are spending on shaving products over 1 year or 5 years? You will be shocked and amazed and not in a good way.

It is these little savings that add up to BIG SAVINGS giving you more of your hard-earned cash to spend on you and your family instead of going into the pockets of giant corporations.

Our 5 STAR reviews speak for themselves and we have been overwhelmed at the support and kind words we have had from customers on social media, by email and in person.

When a customer stops you in the street and says 'I love my Razorector' it makes you glow from inside out.

So please rethink shaving and give us a try, we can and will save you money "it's not just a win for your chin" it's a win for you and your family too.

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